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Testimonial from our client

"I am a firm believer that Teri's proven ability as a stager is a key component to my success as a seller's agent. I engage Teri for every listing so she can insure that a property looks its absolute best when it hits the market. She is right on point when she tells client's "First impressions are everything!" 

Teri's warm and diplomatic approach with my clients helps to ease them into accepting her advise and quickly builds credibility. Her hands-on approach and extensive experience enables her to quickly evaluate and tackle each room. Her take charge attitude as a stager has earned my appreciation and more importantly, my respect."

Claudia Irmas, Coldwell Banker

Testimonial from our client

"Teri's consultation is a lot of bang for the buck. For a minamal amount of money Teri met with my clients and reviewed their entire home and yard. She voiced her ideas, took notes and later summarized  all of her ideas for enhancing the spaces in their home. The sellers were eager to implement these ideas and spent a good deal of time removing unnecessary items, moving other things; purchasing some minor decor items - placing them appropriately. The ideas were simple yet effective and when it was time to list - the house was gorgeous. Nearly $1000,000. list price - on the market for 2 days, 2 showings, 2 offers and sold at full price. Thank you Teri."

Terrie Bagnuolo, Coldwell Banker

Testimonial from our client

"I've worked with Interiors by Teri for over 5 years now.  She has staged everyone of my homes with a creative touch and an eye for detail.  I wouldn't think of buying a home without her input on the resale. Teri is efficient and knowledgeable, and knows what will make a home sell quick.  On the average my homes  have sold in 1 to 12 days on the market. 

She has also redesigned my own home. I entertain often and now my home reflects the relaxed elegance that I have always strived for. I highly recommend Interiors by Teri to any realtor or homeowner." 

Alven Sanders,   Investor, Homeowner

Testimonial from our client

"I want to thank Teri Young again

for a fantastic job with my listing in Thousand Oaks, CA. This property

was on the market for two months

at the end of 2017 when we took it

off of the market. We relisted it in February and hired Teri to help us.

We got a near full price offer at

the first open house. I credit the

sale to Teri Young and her excellent suggestions to my sellers. She

did an outstanding job of walking my sellers from the driveway through

every inch of the entire house and out

to the back yard. Making thoughtful suggestions on how they could make simple changes and greatly improve

the presentation of their property.

Teri provided the sellers with an

itemized list of her room by room observations and with that they felt empowered and more confident to

do what was needed to be done to

get the best price for their home. I

would highly recommend Teri to 

every realtor listing a property today.

She will make your job 100% easier

and the seller 100% more confident

in preparing their home to sell in

today's market place.

Debbie Soden, Coldwell Banker

Testimonial from our client

"I recently hired Interior's by Teri

to change a very pedestrian appearing residence into a show stopper before

I listed it for sale. Teri suggested a new paint scheme and brought in furniture, plants, accessories and art work to

stage it.  She transformed my listing

into a bright contemporary dwelling 

that impressed everyone who saw it. 

One key to Teri's success was her

ability to describe to the homeowner,

a first time seller, that by doing all the required items to prepare the home,

such as the cleaning, painting, and

staging, it would increase the ultimate sales price. Teri also worked with me

to manage costs and to accomplish

the transformation in a very tight

time frame. The listing sold the first weekend and for over asking.  I have

no hesitation in recommending

Interior's by Teri and her services  ."

Karen Reid, Coldwell Banker

Testimonial from our client

 "Teri Young is a Gem!   I called Teri in

the hope that she would stage my

home even though I wasn't moving. 

I just wanted a new look. And help

me she did!  She is worth her weight

in gold!   Teri is amazingly talented

and skilled at turning an ordinary

room into an eye catching, beautiful

space that you won't want to leave.

She has a keen eye for the proper

spacing, proportion and color combination that makes a room pull together to look comfortable and dramatic at the same time. One of

Teri's best gifts is her ability to utilize

your favorite old pieces of furniture,

art or accessories to complete your room's new look. This talent saves

her clients a lot of money while still

getting a new look and not parting

with beloved pieces. I highly

recommend calling Teri to help you

with any size decorating project you

may have. She really listens to her

clients and works as a team player

to guarantee  success." 

Ellen Reff,  Home owner