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Home Staging Services

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Staged in a SNAP

Home owners and realtors alike are taking advantage of this extremely cost effective opportunity.

Staged in a SNAP is a consultation that gives you the opportunity to work with a professional Home Stager to get your home looking it’s best and ready to sell.

For the Realtor, it’s a perfect services to offer your clients without a large out of pocket expense. It will cut down your time from listing to your first open house, with less work for you in your already packed schedule.

For the Home Owner IT IS ESSENTIAL ! I will provide you with a step by step guide of what you need to do to sell your home fast and for TOP dollar. On the average, Staged in a SNAP homes are selling in under 12 days on the market, and at asking or over.

Staged in a SNAP offers you the advantage of having a stager right in your back pocket. I will do a walk through of the exterior and interior of your home, going through every detail that needs to be cleaned, organized, decluttered, repaired, repainted or enhanced. Then you will get a list of these items to accomplish in order of their impact value. This will help you do the most important items first and gives you a road map to a perfectly prepared home. A Staged in a SNAP consultation is $100 and usually takes about an hour and a half.

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Vacant Home Staging

Today there are so many options for staging, that it is no longer a prohibitive cost. It is better to stage a home at the beginning of the process than to wait several months and then have to reduce the price by thousands of dollars.

When staging the vacant home, you don’t need to stage the entire house. A couple of well-placed and well-designed rooms or vignettes is often enough to get that desired look, which gives the buyer a good idea of the scale and usability of a space. This little can make a lasting impression

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Occupied Home Staging

There are several options when staging the occupied home. One is to use my Staged in a SNAP service, where you will receive a working plan to get your home ready to show. The other option is to have me come in and rework your furnishings, art and accessory placement in one room or the entire house. Creating a welcoming uncluttered and well cared for atmosphere where the buyer can picture themselves living in the home.

This is best done before the home goes on the market. You want to get the most out of your first impression.

Interior Redesign

Interior redesign is the art of placement of your furnishings and accessories to establish an environment that creates balance and harmony in a well functioning living space. As seen on HGTV, I redesign your room by using your furnishings and accessories in a way that makes it function well and look beautiful. You would be surprised by what treasures you have hidden away. I rediscover those treasures and reincorporate them into your new look. I can also help you pick out new items or choose colors to complement your new style. Redesign is a wonderful alternative to the conventional interior design.