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Interior Redesign or Home staging to live by

Interior Redesign 

Interior Redesign, the art of placing your furnishings and accessories in a way that will establish an environment that creates balance and harmony in a well functioning living space.

One of my favorite things to do.  Indoors or out,  living in harmony with beauty.  

The beauty of Interior Redesign is you don't have to live in a palace to enjoy a well balanced designed room.  A everyday living room can turn into a cozy beautiful retreat.

I work with my clients to help them see the beauty in their own home and furnishings. Then we rediscover together new elements, artwork and placement. I teach my clients the whys and hows of redesign. Their input is essential.

 My passion is to create a retreat.  A home of peace and tranquility, so you can go and create your passion with renewed energy and clarity.   

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