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 vacant room before staging


There are always options when staging the vacant home.  A few well placed pieces of furniture and accessories can really bring a room to life.

To the left you see the vacant home, below is the finished room. Scroll down to see other examples of staged vacant homes. 

Beautifully staged room, after staging was done
Vacant home's bed room staged with a few well placed items

In these vacant homes we brought in a few key pieces to create a more welcoming atmosphere. Giving the buyers an opportunity to see the homes potential. 

Beautifully staged living room with a few well placed items
Beautifully staged den with just a few well placed items

A few well placed items to stage a home
simple clean and up to date
beautiful staged bedroom
beautiful staged master bedroom
very cluttered den of occupied home


This is a good example of what decluttering and depersonalizing can do for the home.  Here we used all of the homeowners own furniture to create a comfortable clean and inviting space. 

decluttered den of occupied home after staging
very cluttered den before staging

Now the room appears larger and ready to show 

decluttered den after staging

The homeowners were thrilled with the results and the real estate agent had a beautiful home to show.

Occupied home living room after staging

A few more examples of using the homeowners furnishings to create a home with personality. Decluttering doesn't have to be boring.  We want to capitalize on the homes character and beauty.

Occupied home office after staging
Occupied home living room after staging
reverse shot of occupied living room after staging